What is the NPI?

The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) is a publicly accessible, online database that collects information about substance emissions in Australia. Companies who trip emission thresholds are required to submit an annual report estimating their emissions for 93 toxic substances. The reporting demands can be complex and time-consuming depending on your facility’s emissions, but it’s important to submit your report to ensure your organisation is compliant and up to date.


What are the benefits of an NPI audit ready report?

The NPI provides the community, industry and government with free information about substance emissions in Australia. Envago is leading the way to make it easier for small-mid sized facilities to take accountability for their operations through compliance reporting, so we can achieve a more sustainable future together. By submitting your NPI report on time and correctly, your organisation offers complete transparency to the public, and stays ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental responsibilities.


How does Envago fit in?

The work we do at Envago centers around our rigorous Environmental Accounting software. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of NPI reporting, our system provides the tools you need to prepare your report in a way that is clear, consistent, and audit-ready. The capabilities of our software means you no longer need to calculate emissions on a spreadsheet. Once data is entered into our secure system, results are calculated and are ready to be automatically uploaded to the NPI Online Reporting System (ORS).
Our customized data collection sheets not only define your reporting boundary, they provide additional context to your report, and include default values where data collection is unrealistic.
All this culminates to a faster, clearer, and more robust way to prepare your annual NPI report.


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